Indianapolis Wedding Planning Venues

The Best Indianapolis Wedding Venues

Sep 22, 2022

Chosen by a destination wedding videographer The Bottleworks Hotel Now this venue is brand new and seems to be hard to get into. We walked in the front desk one day and they said their weddings were booked more than a year out. However, just taking portraits here and around the Bottleworks area would be […]

I am overwhelmed by wedding planning :(

Mar 31, 2022

Jocelyn – HELP! Iā€™m super stressed by my wedding planning.  Alex and I got married during a pandemic and had to replan our wedding three times, from 50 people to 10 people to the final number of 30. I cried on the night of our rehearsal dinner because it poured rain + had to order […]

How to Make Your Wedding Videographer’s Job Easier

Mar 31, 2022

I think this is my biggest piece of advice… be you. Whatever you two are, make that the theme of your wedding. Are you super into Star Wars? Red flowers + matching Nike’s? Coastal, beachy, neutral tones? Loving the boho trend? When you “brand” your wedding day and make everything from the invites to the […]

How to Plan a Wedding in 6 Simple Steps

Mar 31, 2022

You just got engaged! Now what?What to do immediately after your engagement all the way to the wedding day, in just a few steps šŸ™‚ So my brother in law got engaged December 22nd and wants to get married in six months. I was talking to him over the phone and he asked us what […]