How to Make Your Wedding Videographer’s Job Easier

Mar 31, 2022

  1. I think this is my biggest piece of advice… be you. Whatever you two are, make that the theme of your wedding. Are you super into Star Wars? Red flowers + matching Nike’s? Coastal, beachy, neutral tones? Loving the boho trend? When you “brand” your wedding day and make everything from the invites to the decor match who you are as a couple, it makes our day so much easier! It just makes every decision we make from the editing style to music choice easier – almost like it’s already chosen for us by you! 
  2. Have your “flat lay items” in one bag with a copy of your invitation + a few flowers! What it could include: shoes, earrings, necklaces, your vow book, your something blue/borrowed/new, perfume, hair accessory, veil.
  3. Do something personal for your significant other + make sure we can capture it. Give them a personal present, write them a personal letter, ask us to record you telling your story or talking about your future (kids?) together. Surprise them with a flash mob. How sweet would it be to watch that video later with the family around Christmastime by the fire… I’m getting ahead of myself.
  4. Have big reactions! Now, we are not saying to fake it, but don’t be afraid to feel + react to things! During the first look, it’s okay to cry! It’s okay to have super joyful moments + super emotional ones. We love them both!
  5. And that leads me to this point… ignore us. No, really, ignore us! When you are hanging out during portraits, we give you full permission. Love on each other, take initiative + take the other for a dance or do your pose or couples handshake you do in every photo 🙂 Call us your trusty flies on the wall. 
  6. Speeches from the best man + maid of honor: Introduce yourself, talk about how you know the bride or groom, but what we really want to know is about the couple, together. We want to hear about how they met, when you first saw the two together… did you think it would work out? Be candid, it’s funny! And how you think they are the perfect match for each other. Now THAT would be a speech I would include + just might be too good to be true. 

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