What you should know before inquiring with a wedding videographer

May 3, 2024

1. Your date, venue and theme – we love to be able to picture your wedding video unfolding right along with you. The more details and surprises you plan, the more excited we are!! And of course, we just need to check that our calendar is open!

2. That you love our work! You should have seen one or two wedding videos on our Instagram, YouTube or website and have fallen in love! While your wedding video will feel more personal because you know everyone in it and understand the inside jokes, it’ll still give you an idea of flow, our editing and color styles. 

3. Your budget and what you’re hoping to get out of it – our prices start at $4000 for a full day’s coverage, and our price goes up based on what all you want included (some people are okay with just a highlight film, but we love offering add-ons like a ceremony edit, welcome party coverage, or sneak peek). We will send over our guide once we hear from you and schedule a phone call to decide on the perfect package!

4. What other vendors you’re looking for – we love our vendor friends so much and are always so happy to share all of our recommendations from photo to floral to cake to DJ. It’s so important to work with vendors who will make your vision come to life, and it only makes our job easier when we have the best team!

Once you have all of these details, it’s time to hit send on our inquiry form! We can’t wait to hear from you and be Passengers on this journey with you.

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