What you should know before inquiring with a wedding videographer

May 3, 2024

1. Your date, venue and theme – we love to be able to picture your wedding video unfolding right along with you. The more details and surprises you plan, the more excited we are!! And of course, we just need to check that our calendar is open! 2. That you love our work! You should have […]

How to Make Your Wedding Videographer’s Job Easier

Mar 31, 2022

I think this is my biggest piece of advice… be you. Whatever you two are, make that the theme of your wedding. Are you super into Star Wars? Red flowers + matching Nike’s? Coastal, beachy, neutral tones? Loving the boho trend? When you “brand” your wedding day and make everything from the invites to the […]


Mar 31, 2022

Why 2 pairs of professionals present on your day (and in the months before) is so grand: The Memories: Documenting those sacred memories. We get front row access to your entire day, better than any guest ever could. From you dancing with your 95-year-old-great-grandpa to the hug from your mom right before you walk down […]