I am overwhelmed by wedding planning :(

Mar 31, 2022

Jocelyn – HELP! I’m super stressed by my wedding planning. 

  • Alex and I got married during a pandemic and had to replan our wedding three times, from 50 people to 10 people to the final number of 30. I cried on the night of our rehearsal dinner because it poured rain + had to order an emergency tent for our wedding, after all the hard work we had done to plan for a beautiful outdoor wedding. We understand wedding stress. 
  • First, I want you to read this paragraph and then close your eyes. Remember the day you got engaged? The excitement? The feeling of being seen and known by someone? Soak in all those memories (hopefully captured by your videographer hehe) and remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Because you love someone. 
  • I think it’s sooo important to keep your mind on the end goal. Yes, the day should be beautiful and full of your style and personality, but when all this is over, it’ll be you and your love forever. At midnight on the day of your wedding, you’ll be in your hotel room and there will be peace and quiet and you may even miss these moments of planning. 
  • Now I want you to write your future spouse a letter. Tell them you love them. Tell them thank you. Tell them the story of your favorite day with them. If that alone isn’t enough to change your mood, think of a special gift you can send to them that ties it all together. 
  • Shoot! Still not feeling better? I always find that changing my perspective is all I need to change how I feel, and it works best when I start thinking of others and boosting them up. So now, I want you to pick another person to do the same thing you just did for your future spouse. Your mom, who is helping plan and budget your event? Your maid of honor who has been there for you ever step of the way? Your boss who has given you some slack, and been understanding of your changing schedule? After you write them a letter, wait a minute and readjust how you feel. 
  • Now I want you to go on a walk with your favorite playlist. Do NOT bring any wedding planning thoughts or accessories. Just a nice refreshing walk… in the snow or in the summer heat. Nothing can clear your head like getting out of the house!
  • Feeling better? Just know that all of us vendors are here for you. We are in this business because we had vendors treat us like queens and kings and we want you to feel the same. We are praying for you. May your burden feel lighter as you meditate on His love for you. God wants the best for you, especially on your wedding day!

A note on the cover photo:

VENUE: Bella Collina in Orlando/Montverde Florida PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Schoepfer WEDDING COORDINATOR: BellaSposa Events DJ: iRock Your Party CAKE: Morgan Hunter DESSERTS: Bella Collina HAIR + MAKEUP: M3 Makeup FLORIST: Longwood Events + Rentals OFFICIANT: Kevin Knox TRANSPORTATION: VIP Wedding Transportation HARPIST: Christine Macphall SPECIAL EVENTS: FyerFly Productions

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