Mar 31, 2022

Why 2 pairs of professionals present on your day (and in the months before) is so grand:

The Memories: Documenting those sacred memories. We get front row access to your entire day, better than any guest ever could. From you dancing with your 95-year-old-great-grandpa to the hug from your mom right before you walk down the aisle, we want you to have those memories. Not just the image of them happening, but the actual sights AND sound!

Relax & Enjoy: We want you to remember the big moments AND the little moments. When you kiss your new husband for the first time to the special gift he got you (that you might forget about 5-10 years later). We always tell our brides that once you get to the wedding day, there’s no more stress. We are going to come in and make sure every moment gets captured in the highest quality. You just get to live in the moment and enjoy!

A Family Heirloom: For your kids and grandkids one day, this isn’t just a day to them. It will be your legacy, their legacy. Fast forward fifty years, and picture this day in their eyes. Imagine them getting to watch back your ceremony, the beginning of what led them to being in this world! What a gift.

Your Personal Rom Com: We will make you feel like you’re the star of your own movie. We all love a good Nichols Sparks movie, why not star in one?

Push Your Investment Further: You spent so much on your decor, your flowers, your hair and makeup, and all of these things will only last until the next day. Investing in a video makes all your other investments last so much longer! Honestly after my wedding day, I couldn’t remember a solid detail of what actually happened. All that time planning and I couldn’t think of what Alex said during our first look or even what his vows said. Now I can go back and listen any time 🙂

Include Your Family: We want you to be able to show your friends and family. Having a smaller wedding? Family from overseas? How special to think of them after the wedding and invite them into your day to help them feel included!

Organization: We are sorta like your second wedding planners. There’s nothing we love more than a good schedule 😉 running behind and need to get your dress buttoned up but your momma forgot her reading glasses (yes, has happened at least a dozen times lol)? Dress is too tight so you can’t sit down to get your shoe on (yes, has happened at least a dozen times lol)? We got you!!! Also… we will be lowkey tearing up your dance floor with you…. And maybe your dessert table. Your bridal party just got two new entries.

Along the same lines… the days leading up to your wedding will feel a lot smoother as your photographer (working with your planner) creates a custom timeline for you. We often work on this alongside the photographer to make sure we will get everything we need to tell your story. So you don’t have to guess and create an itinerary that you have no clue what goes where!

Filmmaker versus iPhone: our access to equipment and experience makes the difference. For example, one camera setup of ours costs around $6000. We have a drone that can capture your venue from all angles + three cameras we have set up during the ceremony so we can get the groom watching (crying) as the bride walks down. We know what to do when both the bride and groom are running behind and the ceremony starts in five minutes, and have access to a library of music choices so nothing is copyrighted. Yay, no lawsuits!

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