Indianapolis Wedding Planning Venues

The Best Indianapolis Wedding Venues

Sep 22, 2022

Chosen by a destination wedding videographer The Bottleworks Hotel Now this venue is brand new and seems to be hard to get into. We walked in the front desk one day and they said their weddings were booked more than a year out. However, just taking portraits here and around the Bottleworks area would be […]

The TRENDIEST Wedding We’ve Ever Been To – Idlewood in Lakeland, FL

Mar 31, 2022

This wedding literally made us feel alive + we have certainly been gushing about it. Every person, so kind. Every piece of decor, so well thought out + created. And then the JUMP IN THE POOL exit?!? We truly felt like we were living in our own kind of dream that was made just for […]




Mar 31, 2022

Why 2 pairs of professionals present on your day (and in the months before) is so grand: The Memories: Documenting those sacred memories. We get front row access to your entire day, better than any guest ever could. From you dancing with your 95-year-old-great-grandpa to the hug from your mom right before you walk down […]