What Does 2024 Look Like for Passenger Productions?

Feb 15, 2024

Reflecting on last year’s highlights and how we can make our Orlando wedding videography business better

Whew. Last year was non-stop. I never want to feel like a project’s edits need to be rushed to get to something more important. I always want our couples to be ones we are excited about, and I always want to look forward to creating their stories. This year is about spending time with family and building our community back so that we are the best we can be on the wedding day.

With that being said, we can no longer do 33 weddings in a year or more than 1 wedding per week. There was a week in March that we knew we had a Friday and Sunday wedding, but then it turned into 4 wedding days in a 5-day span after we agreed to film a friend’s day and volunteered to film a wedding for free for a cancer patient. My brain and body were so frazzled by the end of the stretch that I truly had nothing left. Going through the motions just isn’t an option for me in this business, and I hated that I couldn’t give each important day my full, fresh creativity and attitude.

So, booking less. This is so much better reflected in our 2024 calendar already! No more than 2 weddings a month (sorry October, you’re going to be a little busier) and right now we only have 13 weddings planned this year! Hoping to get to a sweet spot of somewhere around 18-22 weddings a year. We know we are better when our minds are clear, we can have a plan, and truly invest in the couple with extra time and attention leading up to the day.

Having done so many weddings the past few years, we feel that we can now 1) increase our prices 2) edit twice as fast as those beginning films (allowing a few weeks of breathing room before making final touches) and 3) 100% narrow down our clientele.

That brings me to this point: we know what, and more importantly, who we love working with now! I am going to make a separate blog post writing out exactly who our ideal client persona is, because I feel like I totally get where we are headed. It’s truly all about the couple and not some exact theme or flower color, which is where I’ve felt stuck for years.

We are so grateful for every story we got to tell last year. Our hope is that every couple feels truly seen and known in their films, and hope all 66 people feel that way.



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