Our Ideal Clients and Wedding Days

Feb 15, 2024

Discovering our ideal clients and wedding days has taken us 3 years, but we finally feel like we can put into words where we are headed.

For so long, I thought that branding and niching was about choosing a decor and editing style. I found myself saying I could only do the ultra-dramatic couples or the ultra-fun couples. I didn’t see a way that I could have both, until I realized that I was so truly inspired by both. Editing to different beats per minute isn’t a way we want to define our brand. We want to be defined by the type of people we work with, and we want to be inspired by the things they choose to incorporate into their day!

  • Our couples are there to have fun. This reflects so much into our films, and into how we remember the day. Were we able to capture those candid moments with just the two of them and then with their guests? Were they themselves in front of the camera and just had fun on their wedding day? When our brides and grooms are simply ready to have the best day and don’t worry about the little things, everyone is more comfortable, and these are the days we look back on and feel that we did our best as well.
  • Candid moments are something we remember more than the formal ones. When the officiant messed up and had to go back after the kiss and do the rings, when our groom accidentally fell on a playset and broke his elbow (but didn’t know it til the next day thank goodness), when the bride hugged her grandpa and told her she loved him after she planned a local wedding so he could be there, when our bride and groom take a minute to just soak it all in unscripted, when we listened back to the audio after the kiss and the couple was freaking out about how it’s really real, these moments? These moments we live for.
  • Custom decor makes us truly happy. When we are inspired by other artists doing their best, we feel excited to do the same. One of my favorite parts of the day is into the reception space and watching the rental or floral vendors putting their finishing touches on their masterpieces. I am amazed by their craft and always get excited to capture the details – and the guest reactions as they walk in.
  • Guest experiences: what separates your day from anyone else’s will truly make your film feel custom. The most personal parts of the day are those where your traditions, history, likes and creativity are on full display. As simple as a late night snack bar with your favorite french fries and burgers. Hiring a dance crew to surprise your guests. Taking portraits with your reception dress and specialty cocktail you chose. Fireworks to end the night. A tattoo artist. A twist on the traditional wedding exit (renting a Vespa is something we need to see??). Having adoptable puppies or your own pups join the party.
  • A greater emphasis on adventure sessions with our couples before the wedding day, especially for out of town weddings. Yes, we are introverted, but this extra hour or two alone with our couple exploring the area makes such a more well-rounded film.
  • We are still story tellers first. Again, the beat of the song doesn’t matter as long as we are telling a story. The key audio of the day is the base for each film and every other creative decision revolves around the words shared in the ceremony, vows, and speeches. This is what makes a wedding film go from a fun music video to a legacy documented for future generations.


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