What to Wear as a Female Wedding Videographer

Feb 1, 2023

It’s never as easy as just finding some black jeans in your closet.

You have to be able to:

  • get low to the ground for shots
  • pick up gear and haul it around a venue
  • keep cool when it’s super hot and the ceremony is 30 minutes
  • bend over while still being modest/professional
  • look business-like but still cute??
  • stay comfortable and not add any stress to your already tired muscles

After 8 years of fine-tuning my wardrobe, I suggest having a couple of longer dresses, comfortable shoes and some flexible pants. Working in Florida, it’s especially important that my wardrobe, while still being black, helps me to stay cool.

It’s a fine balance because you want to show up to a wedding day looking like a professional. Sometimes, it’s hard to walk into a room and people don’t realize you’re a qualified woman with a legitimate business. But I also don’t want to walk in too professional and not feel cute! So here’s a few options I’ve found that work, and always receive compliments.

Madewell Leather Pants

These have recently been a crowd favorite when it’s chilly! Do not recommend when it’s hot outside, as these are lined on the inside.

Athleta Black Stretchy Pants

I’ve been wearing these pants for years and they’re truly the best. I have them in forest green and black and I always feel cuter than leggings but they’re so stretchy and not hot at all. Makes moving in weird positions much easier. Before I started wearing a fanny pack, I would just use these with all their awesome hidden pockets. I started with the Skyline but they recently got rid of them so I found a few more options!

Brooklyn Lined Pant

Amazon Alternative $35

Cute Blazer or Sweater

I don’t mind getting a little funky at the reception, which is usually when I need a second layer on. I have a white striped one, a black cardigan, a pale blue blazer, and some other fun but neutral sweaters.

Tan Cardigan Sweater

Basic Stretchy Bodysuit

I keep it very basic on the top as to be the least distracting. If I get fun, I will wear a neutral tan pant/romper but I always just stick with a black bodysuit! They’re easy, stretchy, and I can always wear a sports bra underneath.

Black Bodysuit Short Sleeve

Black Racerback Tanktop Bodysuit

Black Square Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Comfortable Dress

When I know the day will be more black tie, I don’t want to show up in pants that are on the verge of sweatpants. This is why I’ve added a few black midi dresses to my wardrobe.

Black Midi Dress


Our price range for weddings is $3500-5000 typically, so I have found that I can get away with nice leather tennis shoes. As I work my way up, I will probably need to change my shoes out as well. I often have ankle troubles, so this is what works best for me.

In the winter, I often wear black boots and in the summer, I will wear black sandals and change into tennis shoes for the reception if I need to.

Nike Women’s Court Vision Altas

Black Slide-On Shoes

This is a pair I’ve had my eye on for a minute and would definitely consider for nicer weddings!

Black Loafers



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