What to Wear as a Female Wedding Videographer

Feb 1, 2023

It’s never as easy as just finding some black jeans in your closet. You have to be able to: After 8 years of fine-tuning my wardrobe, I suggest having a couple of longer dresses, comfortable shoes and some flexible pants. Working in Florida, it’s especially important that my wardrobe, while still being black, helps me […]



Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Videographer on Your First Consultation Call

Nov 7, 2022

Let’s be honest: hiring professionals for your wedding day is an investment. You’re going to be paying someone for weeks of their time, and it doesn’t come cheap. You want to make sure you book the right team for your wedding! You might be tempted to ask the typical “how long have you been in […]

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Passenger Productions – The Meaning Behind the Name

Aug 2, 2022

Alex and I started Passenger in the winter of our freshman year at Ball State University. I was honestly ridiculously intimidated by my competitors — er, classmates. It wasn’t that the students were more talented than me, but in my head, I saw them as the directors of Marvel movies or Hunger Games already. I […]