Nice, France 2 Day Itinerary

May 5, 2023

We kept our expectations of Nice pretty low. I really only knew about it because one of my good friends is from there, and Alex thought “The South of France” was super cool just from hearing people mention it. This was where we flew into from Orlando, and definitely loved that they had an airport right there! Flying in was so beautiful, and we knew we were going to love it.

We checked into Hotel Mercure Nice Marche aux Fleurs and were so happy with the location of this hotel! Signing up for their rewards program (free) also got is into a premiere/larger room and we loved it! Also had the cutest windows we could open up to the street!

Coming in April was such a good idea, in our opinions. Walking for 10 miles a day, especially uphill in Monaco, would not have been doable in summer, and especially with so many more people around. This was the best decision we could’ve made! The beaches here are literally rocks, and we were too busy exploring to want to use them, so it being 65 everyday was perfect!

Day One was spent going to the Chateau at the top of the hill overlooking the city. There’s so much to explore here, and it’s cool that you can see both sides of the city here!

*Walking up to the Chateau from the main walking area

The best, and I mean the best food and experience we had in Nice was Le Plongeoir. The ambiance, the vibe at sunset, this is somewhere that you HAVE to go. It’s far from the main walking areas of Nice, so don’t expect to just happen upon it. We took a train two stops over and walked the mile there instead of Ubering, so just be aware of that! But please do yourself a favor and make a reservation as soon as you read this. Our bill for 2 was just under $100 (we don’t drink and each got an entree and dessert).

We loved getting to walk around their flower market in the morning of our second day. We felt like we were at home getting to walk around our farmer’s market. We were able to purchase a few souvenirs, a painting we’ll frame from a local, and they had some of the best food/pastries YUMM.

Now, figuring out the trains had us looking like fools once we got to the station, but we saved so much time and money once we got the hang of it! And taking a day trip to Montecarlo, Monaco when you’re that close is a must, no doubt. We are so happy we got to explore this famous city! You must see the Prince’s Palace ($10 but you see so many cool things, loved it), Hotel Paris, and the Casino. Bonus points if you come around race day, I honestly was bummed we didn’t time it right! We also were sad we didn’t have time to explore their Oceanography Museum – the building looked amazing and was only $7 extra on top of the Palace’s fee if you bought together!

Monaco had the best views, in my opinion, of our whole trip.

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