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We Hosted Our First Wedding Styled Shoot

Mar 22, 2023

The dresses fit, the rain held off, the sun came out.

I know that the name Passenger doesn’t exactly make sense immediately. Are they DJ’s? A lighting crew? I understand that our name doesn’t exactly scream “wedding videographer who is super into storytelling and wants to document every emotion in their films”, so I’ve always dreamt of putting our name into a visual format. I wanted clients to feel what our name was while they read it. I wanted everything to click!

Passengers for life…oh, like in a car, like you’re traveling together!!!

The vintage car trend has been slowly evolving, and I know it won’t be in style forever, but I still think it’ll be relevant for our brand for awhile. I initially saw an Instagram post with a vintage car, put it on my story, and just said “wow I need to do this”. And within an hour, my photo friend Gaby reached out, I found a pale blue car in Ormond Beach, and my planner friend from Bella Sposa reached out to model. So, we set a date and made it happen.

I am SO happy we found Alex and his awesome convertible Pontiac Catalina in Ormond Beach. The pale blue exterior matched the leather and it just couldn’t have been more perfect. We initially were aiming to shoot in Orlando, but decided the beach could make a really cool backdrop and destination “for the couple to drive to”. Here’s the link to his rental site if you’re ever interested!

Gaby and I researched some other locations other than the beach to start our shoot, and we happened upon some abandoned arches in Ormond. We honestly don’t know why someone built this fabulous architecture, but we heard it was something to do with a planned neighborhood that ended up not working out. We were happy to use them!

The address of the arches is: 365-399 Calle Grande St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

And now, I’d love to share our final video below! I’m so happy my branding came to life even more through this shoot and can’t wait for clients to see more of this shoot in our website design.

Photographer: Snapshots By Gabriela

Florist: JF Events

Model: Brooke Causey from Bella Sposa Events

Dresses: Shein & Hello Molly



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