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May 18, 2022

I’ve always known I didn’t want to be just known as the “_____ career woman”. God has placed so much more value in us than just a videographer or just an accountant or just a nurse. Sure, I create things. But my purpose isn’t to create beautiful wedding films. My purpose is to show you that you’re valued, you’re cared for, and your story is worth sharing.

I love it when my couples open up. When we get a quiet moment the morning of the ceremony to ask a few questions – how did you fall in love? What’s been easy? What’s been hard that you’ve overcome to get here? Tears and truthful storytelling and maybe a few awkward laughs, these moments are what form the core of the story for us.

But still, our purpose runs even deeper than recording those moments for you, our precious couples. Even more than a pretty shot of a dress, God has called us. How and when? Let me tell you! I was sitting in a church service. My mom and dad were visiting + sat on my right. A worship song comes on, and before I can even think to myself that I love the lyrics, God was speaking right in my ear. Go. Go. Go to the mission field. Go tell more stories. Go tell life-changing, world-changing stories. Go use what I’ve given you. And then, just because Jesus knows I love specifics, He laid it all out. So I’ll do the same for you. Passenger will begin to be able to travel for work, and as I am booked for those international opportunities, I will connect with local missionaries after the wedding for about a week. In that week, I will capture content that will share the needs of that community. I truly believe that content can change the minds of donors, and so, I know that when these videos are shared, and the honest stories are told, money will be raised to meet specific needs in each area we visit. (Just writing this out makes me excited! This is the work I want to be apart of!)

Passenger to the broken-hearted, poor, and weak in spirit. Passenger to the overlooked, but still loved by the Father. Passengers for life!

And I wish I had an exact timeline for how it’ll start and come together, or more than just a vision. I just wanted to be frank and share so that someone can hold me accountable. One day, I know this will all come to pass. Here’s a song I’m listening to as I wait:



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