Kasidy + Nate | I Made My Best Friend’s Wedding Video at Our Church Camp

Mar 31, 2022

Man oh man, what can I say about this day! Here’s some backstory: Kasidy was born into the family that ran church camp at Lake Placid every year. After every school year ended up until her senior year, she packed her bags and made the drive up to camp for two months. And these two months were the highlight of her life. From driving around on her personal golf cart, pulling the best pranks, singing songs, performing cheers, flirting with the new bad boys, eating cheese fries, every day at camp was better than a thousand days at Disney.

And I get to say all of this because I got to experience a lot of this and more right by her side. One thing I did happen to forget to mention in my speech that I feel needs to be documented somewhere is this: the poop machine story. So infamously, there happens to be some sort of sewage plant or something on the campgrounds, and it also happens to be wedged in-between the two sports fields. So one day, Kasidy and I are running down this hill towards the lower sports field and Kas is in front of me. All of a sudden, and I assume it’s just because of the shape of the hill, I cannot see her anymore. As I continue running down the hill after her, she soon appears and her entire backside is covered in….. brown. “Guys I slipped but what do you think this is? It’s not poop right?” Let’s just say we tried to cart her back to her room to shower without any campers seeing. ANYWAYS WOW how pretty did she look in that all-white wedding dress 😉

​But really, Kas and Nate getting married at Lake Placid was a beautiful culmination of many years spent praying for her husband on those very grounds. All of her family and friends just knew how special of a place it was. And what an honor to get to tell that story through this wedding video.

VENUE: Lake Placid Conference Center, Hartford City
PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Jade Photography



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